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For my non french speaking readers

I know there are some of you, following my blog, I’ve got some mails, I can see backlinks to my blog from english speaking blogs and therefore I decided that you deserve better than just a french version. This is the reason why, I’ve put a new widget which allow you to translate my blog into many languages. You will find this widget on the left of my blog, just bellow my picture! I know it’s not a revolution, but at least it’s a positive evolution. As a marketer would say : I care about my customers 🙂 As you might know, automatic translation, is not the best one (but I don’t have time to translate every single note myself), however the french to english version is pretty correct. To be honest with you, it is not working as good for the others languages… Anyway, hope you appreciate it. I suppose the next step will be to get the RSS from these translations! I take advantage of this note to thank you all for following me even with the language barrier !

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