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Best viral videos of the week

Creative people are sensitive persons

An University very different ad – love it !

A very beautiful installation

Starfield from lab212 on Vimeo.

A very well design to do list

To Do List from Yaniv Fridman on Vimeo.

What the parisians say

A wonderful collaborative project by Vimeo Here is the pitch : "All you have to do to take part is simply record a 'video tag' of yourself opening your laptop which ends with you pushing the lid all the way back"

#LAPTOPTAG v.1.1 from Proof Studio on Vimeo.

Inception Park

Buenos Aires – Inception Park from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

Nike + la goutte d'or – amazing story telling

Nike Basketball & Pigalle – Goutte d'Or from Paul Geusebroek on Vimeo.

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